Daniel Widjaja

Alumni Informatika - 2005. Penerima Beasiswa Fulbright, Amerika Serikat. Jurusan Pascasarjana Computer Science NYU ( New York University )

Actually, when I graduated from high school, STTS is not my first choice for my undergraduate studies. But at the end, I decided to choose S1-Teknik Informatika STTS. That... is the decision whomI will not regret. In STTS I learn a lot of technical skills needed for real world. Technical skills is important, but for me, it is not the most important one (after all, nothing stop you from grab a book and start studying by yourself). The most indispensable lessons is that we will experience how to work in real world situations: learn how to work in a team, the feeling on working under pressure, overcoming shyness when presenting your work, the difficulties when dealing with clients, and a lot more. In conclusion, I believe that these are what make STTS special compared with other universities. And I trust that STTS is great place for you to study.

Dany Gunawan

Alumni BIT 2005 .NET Developer at JayThom http://www.danygunawan.com/

Studying computing at STTS is one of the biggest movements I'll never regret. The two year Bachelor of Information Technology course equipped me with a vast array of knowledge and skills that are fully applicable to the industry. The solid foundation STTS crafted into its students, pave the way for me to excel my further studies at Swinburne. Not to mention its leading-edge facilities, also friendly & helpful academic staff, that undoubtedly make STTS stand out in the crowd.

Yustinus Albert

Alumnus SIB 2006, Demand Planner Indonesia - Schneider Electric indonesia

Saya cuma ingin berterima kasih dengan iSTTS - terutama dengan para dosen pengajar saya ,mereka sungguh luar biasa dan manfaatnya msh bs saya rasakan sampai sekarang..keunggulan yg saya dapatkan dr kuliah jurusan S1-SIB adalah i can learned and adapt it so fast whatever position i got and build the network fastly with the others and have a better analysis and decision and of course strong in IT and this is the important one for me is i had strong mental to face a lot of pressure from my work and teach me not easy to give up..thanks a lot iSTTS-SIB

Satria Bakti

Country Brand Manager L'oreal Indonesia, Jakarta

Bravo buat jurusan Teknik Industri STTS. Jangan ragu, semua ilmu dan pengalaman organisasi selama mengenyam ilmu di Teknik Industri STTS akan sangat berguna di dunia kerja. I'm really proud as STTS Industri Family. Great Luck for all STTS industry!

Rika Ajeng Priskadana

Konsultan dan Kontraktor SPBU SPBBE untuk Wilayah Jatim dan Indonesia Timur

Kuliah di Teknik Industri STTS itu menyenangkan. Teman-temannya kompak!