KSP : Facts About Apps on Windows 10 That Might Surprise You
23 June 2020

KSP : Facts About Apps on Windows 10 That Might Surprise You

On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, IST reopened to an open online KSP
for internal and external. KSP this time raised the topic "Facts About Applications in Windows
10 That Might Surprise You ”and was delivered by an experienced ISTTS lecturer
namely Mr. Riandika Lumaris, S.Kom., M.Kom.

Mr. Riandika began his presentation by saying it was an application at
Windows 10 will be the main topic today. "Windows 7 support already
Ended on January 14, 2020, so there are still those who use Windows 7 out
just now, "joked Mr. Riandika who responded with happy emoticons by the participants
KSP in live presentation.

"Technology now is far different from the technology used to be," said Pak Riandika.
Technology is always changing. This can be seen from the PC with the latest design (laptop,
convertibles, detachables, 2-in-1 tablets, mixed reality reality, collaboration devices), ways
new interactions (touch, pen, voice, dial, gesture, gaze) and a new UI system that supports
a new way of interaction for the latest PC design.
Desktop applications or other Win32 applications are the usual applications
run on a desktop PC. Characteristics of Desktop Applications include: installation with EXE or
MSI, the technology has matured so there are already many applications, designed
for desktop PCs specifically designed for using a mouse and
Now many applications are based on Desktop Apps, this type of application
it has several black sides such as: no battery saving, burdensome OS startup
(approve application settings to start at startup), can install programs without
Receive, have access to cameras, microphones, etc. at any time and process
Uninstalling is difficult because there are always files and registry left behind.
With technology that is always changing and the black side that desktop applications have, then
what's the solution? Mr. Riandika answers this question in 2 words: UWP Apps.
UWP application (Universal Window Application) is an application that can run on many
Windows 10 based devices. To check the applications that we do
including the UWP Application or not, Mr. Riandika provides simple tips with
click Shift + Win + Enter key on the keyboard. When entering full screen mode
then the application includes UWP applications.
The advantages of UWP Apps include: supporting various types of input, application design
modern, battery saving, safer security and privacy with easy installation with
install through Microsoft Store or other official sites. Additionally deleted
the application also becomes easier by simply clicking the "uninstall" button.
Unlike Desktop Applications, UWP applications will not leave files and registry on a PC
after the application is removed.
UWP applications run in containers and by default, applications cannot
microphone, camera and more access - so security and privacy are more affordable.
Windows 10 itself also has a feature to manage permissions
given for each application.
"Unlike desktop applications that can access at any time, if UWP has to be appropriate
licensing users, "said Pak Riandika," so really, the user is in control, "he added.
Then whether UWP Apps will ask for Desktop Apps? Mr. Riandika answered:
Not for now. This is caused by the many desktop applications available
now and UWP applications can only run on Windows 10 in a few
the application must be able to support previous versions of Windows OS.
Pak Riandika advised the participants to always prioritize using the UWP Application
and install applications from the Microsoft Store. "[This] is for our good
together, "he said.

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Freshman Summit 2020 Done Online?

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Sabtu, 25 Juli 2020 pukul 09.30, ISTTS kembali mengadakan Webinar Series “Teknik Elektro ISTTS Berbagi” dengan topik “Mengelola Kelas Virtual yang Menyenangkan  dan Administrasi Mengajar Saat #BelajarDariRumah”. Webinar Seri 1 ini diikuti oleh peserta internal maupun eksternal melalui platform zoom. Webinar ini dibawakan oleh moderator Bapak Jonie Hermanto, S.Kom. dan 2 narasumber sekaligus yaitu Ibu Dr. Ir. Fransisca H. Chandra, M.T. dan  Ibu Amiroh Adnan, S.Kom, M.Kom. Para narasumber membuka webinar dengan perkenalan diri kemudian dilanjutkan dengan menjelaskan tentang pengelolaan kelas virtual yang menyenangkan di masa pandemi dengan menggunakan Microsoft Teams dan Class Notes.

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ISTTS kembali mengadakan seminar KSP Season 6 yang berjudul “Teach A Computer to Play A Game”. KSP episode ke 9 kali ini dibawakan oleh Bapak Reddy Alexandro Harianto., S.Kom., M.Kom. Beliau merupakan salah satu dosen S1 Teknik Informatika ISTTS. Seminar yang diadakan pada Kamis, 23 Juli 2020 dibuka untuk peserta internal maupun eksternal melalui platform zoom dan live streaming youtube. Pak Reddy membuka KSP dengan perkenalan diri kemudian dilanjutkan dengan menjelaskan materi tentang Machine Learning.

Sebelum membahas lebih dalam tentang AI dan Machine Learning, pernahkah anda berpikir mengapa komputer bisa lebih cerdas dibandingkan manusia?  Mengapa robot bisa bekerja seperti layaknya manusia? Jadi apa sebenarnya AI dan Machine Learning itu? Di era digital seperti sekarang ini, Artificial Intelligence (AI) atau kecerdasan buatan sudah menjadi sesuatu yang sangat berpengaruh pada pekerjaan manusia. Demikian juga dengan Machine Learning, hal ini dikarenakan Machine Learning adalah bagian dari AI yang memungkinkan komputer untuk mempelajari sejumlah data sehingga dapat menghasilkan sesuatu model untuk melakukan proses input output tanpa menggunakan kode program yang dibuat secara eksplisit. Proses ini menggunakan algoritma khusus yang disebut machine learning algorithms. Cara kerja Machine Learning adalah kita memberikan suatu contoh variasi dan nanti mesin yang akan menemukan caranya sendiri untuk melakukan sesuatu. Sehingga yang harus kita lakukan hanyalah memberi contoh , nanti komputer yang akan menganalisa sendiri.

Dengan demikian dapat disimpulkan bahwa teknologi AI bisa dikatakan cerdas bahkan mungkin bisa melebihi kecerdasan pada umumnya. Namun kita harus ingat 1 hal bahwa manusia lah yang menciptakan teknologi ini. Memang dengan adanya teknologi ini kehidupan manusia menjadi lebih mudah dan praktis, tapi bukan berarti kita terlalu bergantungan pada teknologi ini. Kita lah yang harusnya mengatur mereka dan bukan mereka yang mengatur kita.

Pak Reddy juga membagikan demo untuk membuat game Pacman dengan Machine Learning. Tak lupa beliau juga memberikan tips untuk mengenali algoritma yang cocok dengan program yang kita buat terlebih dahulu sebelum menggunakan nya. Selain itu, dengan membaca jurnal orang juga membantu kita dalam memilih algoritma yang tepat.

Seminar kemudian dilanjutkan dengan sesi tanya jawab antara peserta KSP dan narasumber. Kemudian diakhiri dengan foto bersama dan mengisi kuisioner beserta absensi untuk peserta yang telah mengikuti KSP.

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Monday, July 20, 2020 at 13.30, ISTTS held a KSP seminar entitled "How to Make" Your Own Game "in 2 Hours" by Mr. Hendrawan Armanto S. Kom., M. Kom. He is a lecturer in S1 in Informatics Engineering ISTTS. This seminar was opened for internal and external participants via the zoom platform and YouTube live streaming. Mr. Hendrawan opened KSP with self-introduction and also explained the experiences he had while being a Game Developer then continued with explaining material on how to make games with Unreal Engine.

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KSP Season 6 Episode 7

KSP Season 6 Episode 7

ISTTS is now back in holding KSP season 6 with the topic "Non-Photography skills for Photography". The 7th episode of KSP was presented by ISTTS Visual Communication Design (DKV) lecturer, Mr. Yulius Widi Nugroho, S.Sn., M.Sc. or who is familiar with the well-known Pak Yulius. The seminar, which was held on Thursday, July 16, 2020, was attended by internal ISTTS participants and external participants through the zoom platform and YouTube live streaming. Pak Yulius explained the non-skill photography material that a photographer needs to have in order to develop the photography business.


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